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You can help maintain and develop the Antiviolence project by donating one of the cryptocurrencies listed here. We thank everyone who decided to support the ideas of non-violence!

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qwruynkhenq8lyee8604602z7wv7mlk7the4ytr

Ethereum (ETH): 0x02C4e340306c9E51C630439302e1E6848b96A4c2

Tether USD (USDT on Ethereum): 0x02C4e340306c9E51C630439302e1E6848b96A4c2

Toncoin (TON): UQDPdq-w16aU2U2niU59qoDda8vbWHLfkju_D1AfjPsUuX2F

Litecoin (LTC): LWSDfPu6T56rAtjqjLt9jqyX74z2psDLsU

Monero (XMR): 47Wx4X4UF9223vjHdb7DDGhxVZeoCrzf11KDAcWmxY8M2ciT1KwpggFBUNy2BNGdc8KXH4AKFvxbodva143MZ1WvV3fn7Wv

Zcash (ZEC): t1UBfVQ2tQt9S1AtKJTP1JUeLmaBY8uEyR4

Dash (DASH): XsXpKdW52nvtuSLJPNZAm62mKwZddm8UEe


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