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Documentary film "The Truth About Killing" (2004)

The documentary “The Truth About Killing” reveals the full essence of what war is. Millions of men who have never shot a human being believe they could become real soldiers. But in reality, war is psychologically debilitating for 98% of all who participate in it because the average and healthy individual has a strong inner resistance to killing. And the 2% who are not driven insane by war and are actually effective soldiers appear to have already been insane with psychopathic predispositions even before coming to the battlefield.

Let's take a closer look at all the evidence behind this conclusion (episode 1), and what the military is doing to overcome the resistance to killing in soldiers and increase their combat effectiveness, and whether they are actually succeeding (episode 2).

Watch the first episode of the documentary “The Truth About Killing”:

Watch the second episode of the documentary “The Truth About Killing”:

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